Reasons Why You Are Single As A Gay Man

There has been a centuries of a difference when many of the gay men in our society started coming out. Despite the fact they are completely normal, they are not treated as majority and often not accepted. A gay man has to struggle growing up and comes to terms with the fact that they are all seen so different from the rest of the crowd.

There will be gay men who are successful and they do not care about what others think. They are the people who have a very strong and independent stand. But there is big contrast even in our society today where so many men struggle finding their identities forget even finding a companion. This is a big world with different ways of functioning that we do not even understand. But there is always some hope for the people who make it. If you really want to go out there you can and lead a happy life. Countless studies have been conducted on the psychology of gay men and how they lead a stressful life. Here are some of the big and important reasons

Fear Of Intimacy
There are many gay men who fear emotional closeness and intimacy with other men. There is this fear because they do not ant to be in a vulnerable position where they are hurt by the other person. There are many reasons for this such as fear of homophobia, bullying, history with discrimination etc.

You Cannot Move Beyond
There are many gay hookup men out there who treat casual sex as more of a hobby and sport. They have had random encounters but they do not know how to have a real intimate relationship with another guy who is also gay and to develop feelings and maintain them. It is difficult for the more common men.

Lack Confidence
It is just the way it is. Naturally some people as gay are not so confident about their sexuality. They do not want to talk about their desires and preferences. It is just the way it is. So they never talk about it and remain single.

Fear of Rejection
The biggest fear amongst many is that they will not be accepted by the guy they like. They feel that they will be rejected and this will not be a good ending for them. So many gay men never approach someone that they like.

Struggle With Internalized Homophobia
This is a very deep routed problem and it is also not very easily solved. So many gay men at a very young age have other people infuse their homophobic thoughts, this makes them not completely accept themselves. In the long run they tend to lose their value and value of love.

You Feel Relationships Are Superficial 
Many people through a lot of break ups and bad experiences decide that this is a very superficial world. As a result they all never come out in the open. This is why they remain single rather than risking them in the gay dating game.